Brown Park Clothing Co was born out of the simple idea that life is too short to live in the muddy, miserable shades of brown and beige. Instead, we want to strive towards the fun, the vibrant, the adventurous Gold Standard: to Live Your Life in Full Colour!

Founded by mates David ‘Christo’ Christopher and Dion Waite, Brown Park Clothing Co is more than just a clothing brand. It embodies an ethos and a community that reminds us that, no matter the situation, no feeling or situation is permanent. Christo is open about his experiences with depression, and the seed of the idea for Brown Park Clothing Co came about when he and Dion decided to shake things up by saying yes to adventure, opportunity and growth.

Instead of giving into his depression, pulling the covers up and hiding in bed for the day like he wanted to, Christo made a concerted effort to say yes to everything. A walk on the beach? Sure. A hike up (and then back down) Mount Warning? Why not. A week’s vacation in sunny, radioactive Ukraine?! Let’s do it!

The boys’ biggest ‘yes’ came about when they cooked up the idea for this brand – which aims to encourage others to step into their potential and celebrate what is possible in life.

When we’re feeling sad, hurt, distressed, depressed, frustrated, like it’s all just too much, and we want to get off the rollercoaster… when we reach those moments, it can feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Brown Park Clothing Co exists to remind you that it gets better. Proudly designed and printed on the Gold Coast, we are a local business and we’re here to remind you to live in the moment, to step out of your comfort zone, and to move past the brown stage.

Brown Park Clothing Co is not a charity, we are a socially driven apparel brand on a mission to help you dive into the growth, fun and joy that a colourful life has to offer! If you wish to buy clothing from a brand where the profits go directly to mental health awareness and programs we heartily recommend LIVIN.  

BNPK Co-founder Christo is also the founder of Dads With Depression, a website and private Facebook group where anyone experiencing depression can join and access support and friendship.

If you (or someone you know) is struggling with anxiety, depression or less than optimal mental health, support is available: